Wednesday, May 30, 2007

video ideas

Has a month gone by? Sheeish..

2 ideas for short videos:

1. My kid wanted to get a gumball at Safeway the other day. Well, when they recently remodelled the place they must've decided to let the kids' vendoland go away, because now they have no gumballs and a change counting machine in its place. Then I remembered the True Value Hardware store didn't have their gumball/candy spiral shooter machine the last time we went, and all my kids go with me just to get their quarters in this thing. My question is: are gumball machines an endangered species? I think this could be a worthwhile documentary.

2. I have really lost touch with some old friends, and would love to reconnect. At mid-life (age 38), this a bit of a soul-searching exercise and brings up some fears, like: do they want to connect with me (boo-hoo)? I will videotape the calls and see what happens. While I was hashing it over on the way to work an oldies station was phasing in and out and I thought that might make an interesting soundtrack. Then as I drove through an alleyway I thought that might be a metaphor for my searching for past friendships, experiences and such.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heard later - it was his worst ride ever, and he wished we wouldnt've gone. He wasn't up for it this morning.
Now I'm thinking it was easy to take things calmly when I'd already committed to a long haul. I guess I could've turned back.
Rode bike with my son to school and work today. He was in no mood and both of us were late. It was harrumph from the beginning but I didn't make much of it, choosing to let his mood take him where it would and stay silent and, hopefully, helpful when I could. If I can't come up with something he can use, I am finding it better to ignore and play it cool. Being a daddy.