Wednesday, May 30, 2007

video ideas

Has a month gone by? Sheeish..

2 ideas for short videos:

1. My kid wanted to get a gumball at Safeway the other day. Well, when they recently remodelled the place they must've decided to let the kids' vendoland go away, because now they have no gumballs and a change counting machine in its place. Then I remembered the True Value Hardware store didn't have their gumball/candy spiral shooter machine the last time we went, and all my kids go with me just to get their quarters in this thing. My question is: are gumball machines an endangered species? I think this could be a worthwhile documentary.

2. I have really lost touch with some old friends, and would love to reconnect. At mid-life (age 38), this a bit of a soul-searching exercise and brings up some fears, like: do they want to connect with me (boo-hoo)? I will videotape the calls and see what happens. While I was hashing it over on the way to work an oldies station was phasing in and out and I thought that might make an interesting soundtrack. Then as I drove through an alleyway I thought that might be a metaphor for my searching for past friendships, experiences and such.


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