Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is this you?

There you are sitting down to work in the morning, the system has just about logged you in through password 1, applying settings, mmhm. Waiting. I’ll just get some coffee, say hi to everyone.

Oh there it is, the desktop, my fishing trip, that was a beautiful lake. Here we go, I have an idea that’s about to be gotten down to. Hey, I’m excited to start doing what I do, (it’s a pretty great place to work… ) Bing! New updates are ready to be installed – click here to begin. ... A little message for me, from the system, the computer, whatever.. it needs my attention, to help it along. Isn’t it set up to do these kind of things on auto? I mean, if you need updates, go get ‘em, yes.

If I don’t have those, well, then what? What is updating? Who is out there and what exactly is the improvement that was needed? I’ve been doing pretty much the same tasks all along: writing, imaging, communicating, and it doesn’t seem much faster than it ever was, though I’m not sure my expectations now and then can be compared. It must be faster – it HAS to be, right?

So, I’m going to X-out of that message after all and just get down to business. Of writing, “There you are sitting down to work in the morning… “

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