Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dancing Dreaming Inside the Desktop

Picture me hopping happily on my one good leg, twirling dervishly and waving a mouse around: this is the feeling of helping someone through their tech troubles. And I find it even better than getting through my own. With the help of Mikogo screen sharing and the trusty old telephone, another student is now on her way to Tegrity Heaven.

They say when you are dreaming about getting chased by a monster, just turn and face it, and it won't scare you anymore.

Just underneath your deceptively peaceful desktop...
Dark blue tunnels await,
A hall of mirrors labelled "Next", "Agree", and "Run",
The side of your brain that processes logic will be challenged by messages like this one:

On the phone with help desk again.
All for the sake of getting an education delivered right to your living room.

But with
Patience, breath, and a comfortable chair
Following me through the endless tabular clicks, clicks (clicks),
OK! (one more)
Forgetting what you intended to do with this 45 minutes,
Finally the restart comes.
And it works.

Once the dust settles and you've updated the drivers to get back on the infosuperhighway, got your paddle back in the media stream, and recovered from all those "serious" errors, you just might say, "YES, I can do this."

1 comment:

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