Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comment Context

If I or you comment on a blog, we reply to that one human's expression, making two in conversation, and the dialogue begins.
There is a tremendous difference in one and two.

We have an understanding in Fb that we talk.
In a blog, you are going out on a limb, and should either give a shout out or be smart.
A YouTube comment is the street, a shout down or out, like one yells at the TV or cheers from the sideline.
Recall Forums? and for the really early adopters, message boards and green type on black monitors.
They are still around, and I wonder if there are more users in those than social nets - is that possible? at what moment did they get passed up? In those, there is an assumption of 'help', and humble banter going back and forth.

(these are wandering thoughts..)

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