Monday, September 23, 2013


I just found out I was closed-minded. It is slightly annoying to create repeating events in a calendar, just for the fact it takes a little longer and burns a few extra calories in brain-work to click around before getting it right. Now you know me a little.
So I'm making an adjustment to an event that happens daily for 5 days, Fall Break. It's a week earlier than I'd thought, and while adjusting the date, predicting that it will require some juggling in the repetition part, I clicked the dates range of the primary event from the 6th to the 10th. Then it asked me if I want multiple events or just one. Without thinking, I clicked one. Made more sense.
Holy calendar catharthis, Batman! For this weeklong event, I don't have to repeat, just extend it over multiple days. I didn't think of that. I saw only discreet daily happenings when it's actually one long event. How little things open up my eyes wider. How many other things am I blind to? How many other simple answers to seemingly complex problems are waiting to free me, just a little more, from being stupidly annoyed at life, technology, my kids?

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