Friday, March 28, 2008


Shooting video as the trees bloom out. A few more days and the other trees will spring green.

Certain older generation, they have enmity for cameras now. Its all that surveillance everywhere. It’s the camera phone people. Its getting in my way, and don’t tell me to act naturally. They don’t want to be all over the place, recorded and being taken out of context. I think they still like being in the newspaper.

The generation that’s coming up now (The whatever generation , etc. many tags are being tossed around, but let’s not label), they totally ignore it. Walk on by like it’s not there. There’s a way of appearing unaware of the camera, while being completely aware. A third-party awareness, Coasting along among many lenses, and it could be anytime, anywhere, and that’s cool, just don’t stick it in my face and ask me to do something.

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