Saturday, April 25, 2009

Face The Book

Last year around the Holidays, I was inundated by Facebook emails from friends and even people I knew only remotely. These requests to view their profiles drew an emotional response from me that went like this, "I need to get on this network, my friends are running ahead of me and if I don't grab the baton I'll be left behind, forgotton." A stress response heightened by acceptance that I wouldn't be joining them in the social note-passing reverie any time soon. I would be swimming, and taking walks with the kids, and going to the bookstore, and learning to surf - none of which would happen online.
The thought of sharing these things online excited me. Reflecting on the doing of life is a healthy part of the whole experience, and blogging is just journaling in the public eye, unlocking our diaries, opening up.

I still have not joined the network: my friends are waiting, the party is being missed, and my sense of loss grows each day. Maybe tomorrow I will get in, or maybe canoeing will get in the way.

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