Friday, April 24, 2009

Delicious not so tasty

I just removed the delicious bookmarking tool in firefox. It is so good to have the old bookmarks bar back, in their fuddy-duddy folder structured way.

I keep thinking, "Don't complain, don't sound whiny, don't critcize", while moving steadily in the direction of hating technology in every way. How do I make this sound positive? Technology is getting more annoying daily. Hourly - no, by the minute! And it's the pace of aggressive change that is the root of it.

I was looking at a site about "The Hero's Journey" that had the copyright date of 2000 - ancient in internet time. A colleague told me he thought that some exciting new web 2.0 tool he found a month ago might already be out of date, "Man, that is so last month!" How fast can it get? We know this isn't true in practise, because we still study all the masters, the wisdom of those that came before from ages and ages past. None of what we take for granted today would exist without it.

What's hurting my brain is the feeling that there is no time to stop and use what exists. The gap between doing and looking forward is widening. These things are cool, yes, there's some cool stuff, but nothing is cool enough to not look forward to it being improved, and soon after made obsolete. I'm afraid I have to admit it: I'm sick of learning new things. NO, scratch that, sick of throwing away what I already knew.

I thought I was a liberal minded innovator. NOPE. Turns out I'm a conservative who wants standardization, so I can rely on something being there where I left it when I went to sleep.

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