Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reflecting on Our F2F Meeting

Do you have 5 minutes?


  1. Nice modeling of reflecting on work/practice and as usual, excellent pondering of the best worlds (world) we live in.

    So, as I sat here in the "unreal" world listening to your "no real" self explaining the "non real" environment I am sitting at right now, I thought about comments in class today about transferring the real you into this digital you. You have carried honest, kindness, compassion, and a lot of other fine qualities to me, just now, in this world. And it is a real moment for me. And I can say thank you, and you will read those words, and you will know that I am really thankful for your post. And you.


  2. Thank you, Thatcher. I will watch this again. No doubt, you are blessed. I enjoyed the F2F meeting we had, and I am saddened that it might be our last. But, then again, who knows?

  3. Fortunately in my online class, the real can come into the unreal and be together ;-)

  4. Thank you for the encouragement :-)