Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Things that Don't Change

If you don't update your blog for 3 months, people will wonder whether you will ever be back. Currency is valuable on the internet, and I'm not talking cash. It's more of a credit line. If you keep your web log fresh, like the flowers on the table, you might keep people coming back for a bite. Let it wilt to crusted brown and there will be no one coming to your door.
Do you find this ironic? Postings on the web can last, well, until the electricity runs out. So wouldn't this permanence let you say the things you need to only once? No need to repeat yourself, it would live on in transcendence of time, there for the searching now and forever.
It doesn't necessarily work that way - the internet gets stale faster than french bread. I doubt anyone will read any post contained in my archives, and they will be as good as last month's newspapers, balled up and burned. It's a good thing this internet isn't static, but churning churning out more fresh bit-burger-bytes. Still, what lasts? What do you return to?


  1. Thatcher, I return to my early mornings with a cup of coffee, my journal, my Bible, and my wife--safely sleeping in our nearby bed. I find peace, and meaning, and focus in that hour before I need to start my day. Granted, all we do today will fade. But then there is tomorrow--with a new opportunity to laugh, to love, to live, and to give.



  2. I've gotta get up earlier! ;)
    Thanks, Rick.

  3. There is no thing to return to because we are already in it.

    I think. Or hope.

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