Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Social network with personal/professional limiting

When at the Innovations conference, I asked everyone I could about whether they would be open to "friending" their students. ONE person (besides Todd Conaway:) would've. Ok, I get it, we want to have separation and a private life. While I've taken the tack of creating multiple Fb personalities, the Latin American oriented social network site Sonico has conveniently separated people for you, into work, family, and friend "buckets'.


  1. I want to be a gardener. I want one garden that anyone may tend to if they wish. I want me to be who I am, to treat and be equally myself in all environments. While I have not always been a great person, I strive to be a good persona now and I am what I am, in all spaces, digital or otherwise. I realize that may not be the case with everyone in spaces digital and otherwise. That is ok.

    I am me. That is what you will get, whoever you are.